Gather/Software Analytics

Silo'd data from individual locations are aggregated and analyzed from throughout the retail enterprise into a single, flexible, easy to use platform.

Inform & Communicate

This data is then processed into the first truly predictive retail reporting platform, isolating measurable trends in hundreds of performance indicators, resulting in proactive & actionable reporting.

Act & Monitor

Trends are monitored to ensure action was taken we, trying compliance to measurable results. It's a 'closed loop' solution that continually incorporates valuable feedback into the execution process, using the outcome of today's actions to guide tomorrow's.



Improve your gross margin by maximizing your sales and optimizing your inventory.

Mass Merchants | Grocery | Brands | Convenience Stores | Specialty | Chain Drug Stores

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Food Service

Manage labor, food costs and cash to serve up a better bottom line.

QSR | Fast Casual | Casual Dining | Fine Dining | Corporate Dining

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  • Front Store

    Analysis & predictive reporting on: Point of Sale (POS) system - both customer facing and non-customer facing data thru to the stock/general ledger.

  • Center Store

    Analysis & predictive reporting on: Auto Inventory Management (AIM) systems, markups & markdowns, in-stock, overstock & out-of-stock reconciliation, pricing integrity, stock/general ledger.

  • Back Store

    Analysis & predictive reporting on: WHSE deliveries, DSD, returns, recalls, product withdrawals, and all other inbound & outbound flow of goods reporting.

  • Scorecarding & Measurement

    Our system isolates data patterns and behaviors - both positive and negative - and displays them in flexible, easy to use reports and scorecards, available at every hierarchy level.

  • Closed Loop Reporting

    Advisor: our proprietary closed loop, ‘push" reporting feature that drives proactive and actionable information directly to pertinent field personnel.