Is “Big” Data Still the Problem?

24.08.2018 by

As data storage technology improves – seemingly every day – retailers having “enough” data isn’t a problem anymore.  In fact, most companies already have (not only) a significant data pool, but also a large variety of business intelligence tools/programs with which to harness it.  From Business Intelligence tools, to Exception Based Reporting platforms, and countless other programs […]

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It begins… the new SALES TAX regulations… compliance and ongoing maintenance…

27.06.2018 by

IT BEGINS… as previously posted on the topic of SALES TAX… Overstock begins the process of correctly charging according to the 12,000 US tax jurisdictions, accurately collecting, timely remittance of sales tax due, and the most critical and arduous aspect of the process is the ongoing maintenance and management of the price file IOR (item […]

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