Is “Big” Data Still the Problem?

24.08.2018 by

As data storage technology improves – seemingly every day – retailers having “enough” data isn’t a problem anymore.  In fact, most companies already have (not only) a significant data pool, but also a large variety of business intelligence tools/programs with which to harness it.  From Business Intelligence tools, to Exception Based Reporting platforms, and countless other programs […]

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“Moneyball” for Retailers

27.06.2018 by

  The article linked below is a great read on how Mike Trout; thru his first 1,000 games, stacks up to the all time greats thru their first 1,000 games. The term Money-Ball aka Advanced Metrics… was created and achieved notoriety by its use in baseball…  And while advanced metrics are at the core of […]

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