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Mouth-Watering Profit Optimization Insights

Keep your kitchen stocked with just the right amount of fresh ingredients and your servers efficient and friendly. Quickly see which locations are performing according to plan, and learn where to quickly adjust operations to increase margins and reduce food cost. Easily managed and accessible dashboards connect data from your locations, providing you with the information you need, when you need it.

Get 24-hour access to any location’s performance metrics.

Improve visibility and reduce POS management issues with easy to read dashboards.

Track actions against operational goals to ensure rapid store-level improvements.

Communicate actionable directives through familiar channels for streamlined optimization.

Optimize your business decisions with enhanced visibility into field-level operations. Improve ground-level operations, including server efficiency, food cost and labor expenses with one simple dashboard. Managers receive text or email notifications, enabling them to rapidly adjust their staff to improve loyalty and reduce costs.

It’s like ordering the sampler.
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Isolate trends which predict future losses; and create prioritized “risk” reporting that will show your field teams:

  • EXACTLY what markets and/or stores that need attention
  • The order in which they need the attention
  • The EXACT issues that need to be addressed once at the store
  • The order in which these issues need to be addressed
  • The EXACT personnel that are driving the behavior(s)
  • Also (where applicable) – the EXACT terminal, order number, item(s), invoice, comps, etc.