• Grocery
  • Department Store
  • Mass Merchants
  • Convenience
  • Chain Drug
  • Specialty
  • Off-Price Discount
  • Corporately Owned
  • Franchise Ops
Spark Resultants helps Retailers:

Easily manage inventory, control shrinkage, and track gross margin with one, easy-to-use application. Spark analytics provides accessible dashboards that connect data from your locations and systems, providing you with the information you need, as you need it.

Get round-the-clock analysis and trend reporting on all levels of hierarchy… see how your entire company is progressing, or drill down to see how a particular employee handles cycle counts on a specific item… actionable visibility to proactively impact your entire enterprise!

Track actions and operational directives to ensure store-level improvements are met.

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Isolate trends which predict future losses; and create prioritized “risk” reporting that will show your field teams:

  • EXACTLY what markets and/or stores that need attention
  • The order in which they need the attention
  • The EXACT issues that need to be addressed once at the store
  • The order in which these issues need to be addressed
  • The EXACT personnel that are driving the behavior(s)
  • Also (where applicable) – the EXACT register, transaction, item(s), invoice, cycle count, order adjustment, etc.

Communicate your these trends to every department through familiar channels for streamlined optimization.

Optimize your business decisions with enhanced visibility into store-level operations. Help managers identify and resolve issues quickly for rapid, measurable improvements.

Set custom goals around metrics such as inventory, gross margin, shrinkage and sales, and receive targeted updates on goal progress. If locations are not meeting goals, Spark Analytics provides targeted corrective recommendations. As directives are completed at the location level, metrics are automatically tracked to ensure compliance.