We have developed a predictive analytics platform and a proprietary methodology that leverages our proprietary Artificial Enterprise Intelligence (AEI) technology.  This enables us to discover in days (with high confidence levels) what would take a traditional consulting firm a year (or possibly would not be able to isolate at all).

We are able to achieve this using a very small amount of internal company labor for the client, where resources are already typically stretched thin.

A significant part of  what makes us unique is based in our concentration on root cause of negative data trends and behaviors; as well as the continuous measuring and scoring of progression/regression.  We isolate and treat the actual “cause” impacting the company profits; where other solutions only treat the “symptoms”.

Our approach includes AEI accessing, aggregating, and analyzing of Transaction Event Sequence (TES) data.  This data is primarily produced in the geographic FRONT (POS, service desk, etc…), CENTER (inventory management, pricing, markups/markdowns), and BACK (inbound/outbound flow) of your stores.

Our AEI will then sift through the substantial data produced in these three primary areas.  AEI will also isolate predictive “leading indicators”; around breakdowns within your three business attributes:  Platform, Protocol, & Process:

  • Platform:

    What can happen?
    Systems that are used to conduct & manage the business.
  • Protocol:

    What should happen?
    The policies and procedures governing the business.
  • Process:

    What is actually happening?
    Customer, associate and vendor partners interaction with the business.


Retailers are structured and territorial in silos: Operations, Finance, Logistics, Human Resources, Merchandising, Loss Prevention, and Information Technology.  When a profit impacting problem arises, the managers in each of these silos typically launch both field and individual corporate teams to focus on symptom management (quick fixes) rather than true operational or systemic cures.

In addition, most IT systems and IT Departments lack the flexibility to address cross-functional operational problems.  External consultants typically offer either diagnostic tools or pre-packaged solutions that are rarely appropriate or easy to implement.  Customized IT solutions require massive upfront costs and take years to implement.

Sparks Resultants operates on top of existing IT systems and can be implemented within weeks.